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  • Giving race, endurance and show horses new opportunities

  • Promoting the versatility of the breed

  • Educating communities

Our Objectives

The Arabian Sport Horse Championship has four key aims:

  • Encourage Progression

    To allow competitors to improve their knowledge and skills through personalised instruction from professional trainers.

  • Share Interactions and Experiences

    To afford all participants and visitors an enjoyable experience at the competition, while appreciating the beauty and versatility of the Arabian horse.

  • Increase Awareness of Horse Welfare

    To increase the understanding of Arabian horses, thereby helping to improve equestrian standards.

  • Create Opportunities

    To provide the chance for Arabian horses to perform to their highest ability through a variety of equestrian disciplines and at different competitive levels.

“I have been involved in the running of the Arabian Sport Horse Championship since the beginning, and it has been a joy to firstly be involved and secondly to see the Championship grow.

The concept of the Championship gives retired racehorses the opportunity of a new and enjoyable career, which is a wonderful way for them to enjoy their retirement. The competitor numbers have grown annually up until Covid hit us, and hopefully the Championship will continue to grow as more people see the benefit of giving their Arabian horses a new career after racing. The Championship has encouraged people to improve theirs and their horse’s ability in the competition field, and the standard at which they compete.

Long may it continue and grow.”

- Allen Gordon-Cannon, ASHC Show Official

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