Rules & Regulations

ASHC operates under the guidelines of ECAHO’s Sport Rules – Green Book where relevant and ASHC conditions.

ECAHO’s conditions of entry for pure and part bred Arabians can be found here.

In addition, the following Rules & Regulations are specific to ASHC:

  • Riders and horses can only compete in one level of the Arabian Sport Horse Championship.
  • Riders can only compete once per class.
  • Horses can only be ridden once per class.
  • The same Horse & Rider combination cannot compete in both the Arabian Sport Horse Championship and the Team Championship; the Rider can compete in both as long as it is with different Horses.



  • Rider is dressed in jodhpurs/breeches (white, off white or cream) shirt, correctly fitted helmet, boots with appropriate heel, gloves (white, off white, or same colour as jacket), a tie or stock (optional).
  • Jacket required at the Championship Show.
  • For safety, hair must be tucked into helmet or jacket while competing. Long hair must be plaited or worn in a hair net.
  • Equipment is appropriate and clean.
  • Horse is in good physical and body score condition with a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Horse is well groomed with oiled hooves.
  • Horses should have a neat pulled mane. Any long manes should be braided.

We would like you to specifically note the correct use of tack and equipment, such as:

  • Bridles must be black or brown.
  • Dressage tests to be ridden in snaffle bridle, no martingales or attachments allowed. Breastplates may be worn, but no attachments added to it.
  • Horse boots are not permissible during Dressage tests.
  • A tack check will be carried out before you go in for your test.



Arabian Sport Horse Championship Organizing Committee Ruling 2017-D1: Riders that compete (nationally or internationally) at Elementary Level or higher in Dressage will have points deducted as follows:

  • 3 Points in Intro
  • 2 Points in Prelim
  • 1 Point in Novice

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