Class Information

Classes 1-3

Open to individual entries

ASHC Sport Horse Championship

Based on the structure of a One Day Event, the traditional Sport Horse Championship titles comprise of a Dressage test, a Jumping class & an Arena Eventing class, these are open to individual entries. Offered at 3 levels – Novice, Intermediate & Advanced.

The Novice, Intermediate & Advanced ASHC Sport Horse Championship titles will be awarded to the individual who scores the highest points across the 3 disciplines at each level.


Classes 4 – 15

Open to teams of 4

ASHC Versatility Team Championship

Each of the 6 competition class types (Dressage, Jumping, Arena Eventing, Jumping Accumulator, Chase Me Charlie & Barrel Racing) must be participated in by at least 1 team member.

Winning team is that with the highest combined points gained from classes 4 – 15.

Where there are different levels offered (classes 4 to 12) horses can only compete once within the class type. That means each member can compete in one Dressage level, one Jumping class, one Arena Eventing class and should select their preferred level.

Team members can choose how many classes they want to compete in, but points are available from classes 4-15.


Classes 4 – 15

Open to individual entries

Individual class options

Option to enter as many classes as you want at your chosen level.

All classes will offer 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize money and rosettes awarded to 6th place.


Riders and horses can only compete in one level of the Arabian Sport Horse Championship.

Riders can only compete once per class.

Horses can only be ridden once per class.

The same Horse & Rider combination cannot compete in both the Arabian Sport Horse Championship and the Team Championship; the Rider can compete in both as long as it is with different Horses.


Intro Test UAE 1

Prelim Test UAE 1

Novice Test UAE 2

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