ASHC caters to all levels of competition in the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Arena Eventing.

In addition, we will also hold Barrel Racing, Chase Me Charlie, and Jumping Accumulator classes, open to all.  The 2023 championship will be the first time these three disciplines are held at ASHC.




Riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and balance.


Navigating a predetermined course of fences in the quickest time possible, while keeping the fences intact.

Arena Eventing

Slightly more technical than traditional Jumping, Arena Eventing introduces new adventurous elements to the course.

Jumping Accumulator

A jumping class where the rider collects points for each fence that is jumped, and the points increase based on the degree of difficulty of the jump.

Chase Me Charlie

A single fence with a pole that gets higher with each round. With your first pole down, refusal or fall, you are out. The last rider left, wins.

Barrel Racing

A rodeo event wherein a horse and rider attempt to ride the fastest cloverleaf pattern around a predetermined set of barrels.

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